Hydraulic torque tools

Designed for professional use, hydraulic torque wrenches are a reliable choice for high-torque industrial applications. Whether you need a low-profile wrench for limited space or a square drive wrench for an extra-large socket, you’ll find the right tool from our versatile range of hydraulic wrenches.

For nearly 40 years, Haitor has operated as an importer and authorized representative for HYTORC – the world’s leading hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer. In addition to a wide range of torque wrenches, HYTORC’s hydraulic bolting solutions cover all accessories from hydraulic units to reaction arms. The top-quality products always provide the best possible tightening results and reduce nut loosening and joint failure.

Decades of product development and patented solutions have secured HYTORC’s position as the safest hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer on the market. The latest product line features patented hands-free operations, such as HYTORC Nut and HYTORC Washer, which significantly reduce the risk of hand injuries. The advanced hydraulic pumps also include several work productivity and safety improving features, such as pre-loaded tool parameters and documentation features.