Mining and Construction

The challenging conditions in the mining and construction industries set strict demands on the bolted joints, tools and methods used at the sites. The reliable and high-quality work equipment, as well as the regular inspection of the condition of existing tools, significantly minimize the risk of accidents at work sites and guarantee the productivity of operating environments.

Our selection of tools designed for high torque values ​​covers a wide range of compactly designed hydraulic, pneumatic and battery-powered torque wrenches suitable for tight spaces. Our versatile range of wrenches is complemented by various vibration-minimizing washers and other fastening elements, which enable tightening work even in tight spaces without an external reaction arm. Our selection also includes single and double acting hydraulic cylinders which are ideal for mining and construction applications and reaching extremely high lifting capacities.

To rely on the accuracy of the torque achieved, the tools should also be serviced and calibrated regularly. Our maintenance and calibration services take care of all torque tools and hydraulic units used in the mining and construction industries, regardless of their brand and model. Our experts will help you with all bolting challenges on your work site from the design of your toolkit to all kinds of bolt analysis.

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