As the leading bolting expert in Finland, we always ensure our customers have the necessary expertise to use our tools and equipment. In addition to this we organize larger bolting training events for our customers tailored to their needs and situation. Our practical training sessions can be arranged either at our own training premises in Helsinki or on-site with the customer.

Our various range of training sessions also includes theory-based online courses. Online courses are a great way to study the theory of tightening techniques without committing to time and place: the courses can be studied completely independently, but the support of our experts is only a few clicks away. Our flexible courses also simplify the documenting process of all required certifications and other performance information.

Trained operators have a highly important role in guaranteeing work safety and ensuring the desired result in any tensioning work. Our experts have years of experience in bolting and organizing training events, and our training courses are always organized in a way that supports the individual needs of the customer. We apply theory to practice and ensure, in the form of concrete user exercises, that your employees have sufficient skills to use the tools in the final operating environment after the training.

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