Pneumatic Hydraulic Units


Pneumatic air pumps are the right choice to many applications due to their excellent power-weight ratio. Our wide range of models can offer a right air pump for any needs. Our power packs are always equipped with an accurate pressure regulator (70 – 700 bar), a calibrated 1.0 gauge and a 4-way valve. A remote control with 5 m wire comes as standard.

  • MiniAir: A compact and light-weight pneumatic pump unit for one tool usage and mainly targeted for maintenance use – weight only 16 kg without oil
  • HY-AIR: A compact designed 4-stage pump for multiple tool usage – weight without oil 22 kg
  • TwinAir: High-powered power unit with wheels for large hydraulic or multi-tool systems – weight without oil 44 kg

All our pneumatic hydraulic pumps include:

  • Accurate pressure regulator (70–700 bar)
  • Calibrated 1.0 digital gauge
  • Compressed air filter and lubricator
  • Oil cooler (not included in MiniAir)
  • A 4-way valve
  • Remote control with a 5 m wire (24V)


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Pneumatic Hydraulic Units
Item Power unit Power (kW) Oil flow rate, low (l/min) Oil flow rate, middle (l/min) Oil flow rate, high (l/min) Weight (kg) Dimensions W x L x H (mm)
MiniAir pneumatic 6 0,5 16 400 x 250 x 350
HY-Air pneumatic 11 2,5 1,1 22 440 x 270 x 350
Twin Air pneumatic 25 4,4 2,2 44 470 x 580 x 460





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Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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