Torque Reaction Arms and Balancers

The function of the torque arms is to absorb the counterforce of the torque wrench, so that a conventional reaction arm is not required. In line production and repeated torquing applications this will be a significant help as the workload decreases and occupational safety improves. The torque arms also achieve better tightening accuracy than the traditional bolting methods.

Our comprehensive range of torque arms includes versatile linear arms, flexible suspended arms and telescopic carbon fiber arms (so-called carbo-arms). In addition to our basic selection, our range covers various hybrid solutions that combine the features of two or even all of the above-mentioned arms. Especially larger torque arms should always be designed and manufactured to suit the application they are used with.

The torque arms can also be equipped with a separate position management system. Such solutions have become more common, as due to stricter quality requirements the tightening of screws often has to follow a predetermined order. The position-control arm is equipped with high-precise sensors, so that the system knows exactly the movement of the wrench in x-y-z space. This way, the screwdriver or wrench will only work on the correct coordinate.