Energy Industry

Power plants contain a huge number of high-torque bolted joints that are critical to the functionality and safety of the entire station. Planned maintenance outages and other maintenance in the energy industry require careful opening and closing of joint connections, which makes reliable and fast-working tools the most valuable resource available. In addition, working with large bolted joints always involves risks that must be minimized with controlled fastening methods, tools and solutions.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes a diverse range of tools for all bolt and screw connections in the energy industry. Whether you need a set of hydraulic torque tools for use in a nuclear power plant or a set of tailored tensioners to a wind farm, we offer you the right solution. Of course, our range also includes all other accessories required for bolting, such as various tools to support the flange maintenance work typical for the energy industry.

If your tool needs are only temporary, our rental service offers a full range of high-quality torque and tensioning tools with accessories. In turn, our maintenance and calibration services check the condition of your existing tools. Sometimes it is also necessary to review the tightening strategies of power plants with a bolting specialist – in this case, our versatile consulting services and high-quality bolt and screw connection trainings are the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

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