Industrial Assembly and Heavy Machine Manufacturing

Reliable and properly tightened bolt and screw connections are a critical part of the heavy assembly industry as well as equipment and machine manufacturing. With reliable and high-quality tools from the marketing leading manufacturers, all tightened joints meet their requirements from time to time – without compromising on ergonomics and working safety.

Our torque tool portfolio is designed for the demanding and diverse needs of the Finnish assembly industry. In our comprehensive selection of tools you will find a wide range of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and battery-powered torque tools from industry leading manufacturers. Our 40 years of experience in bolting industry has made us a key partner for many Finnish heavy assembly companies, which is why we have extensive experience in designing various customized tool sets and solutions for the industry.

Our accredited calibration and maintenance services help you to ensure that the tools you use meet all their accuracy and performance requirements. We also offer various maintenance contracts for larger tool and equipment packages. In addition, we are here to help and consult our customers already during their production development projects to ensure that the tightening methods used are as effective, accurate and safe as possible.

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