Consulting and Measurement

When working with bolted joint connections, most of the challenges could be solved already at the design stage where the tools, methods and other technical requirements used in the work are defined. Successful work often requires a carefully made plan, which takes into account all the factors related to the project from equipment purchases to installations and measurements. Small but critical decisions already at the beginning of a project often lead to significant savings at the end.

Our almost 40 years of experience in bolting has made us a key partner for numerous Finnish industrial companies. We help and consult our customers already in the product, maintenance or production development phase and go along with them throughout the whole life cycle of fastening solutions. In this way we ensure that the tightening methods used in assembly and production processes are as efficient, accurate and safe as possible.

We also offer bolted joint measurement and elongation analysis as services performed by our experts. In bolting analysis, we utilize various methods from torque measurement to ultrasonic measurement and apply the information we receive widely in our customer base. In addition, our analysis and measurement services can also be customized for a training event, after which the same measurements can also be easily done by the site’s own employees.

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