The world’s most advanced hydraulic power pack, the HYTORC VECTOR, stands alone as the fastest fully automatic hydraulic power system thanks to its 3-stage high-speed flow motor. Gauge-free operation allows the operator to simply select the HYTORC tool they are using and the desired torque on the remote. As the first pump to offer LCD pendant control and automated regulation, HYTORC Vector pumps are fully upgradeable include all pressure-torque value tables for HYTORC’s various torque wrench models. Push the button and let the pump to do all the work!

  • High-yield 3-way machine
  • Calibrated class 1.0 pressure gauge
  • Protective frame with carrying handle
  • 7.5 liter oil tank
  • Oil Cooler
  • Remote control with LCD screen and 5 meter cable
  • Depending on the model, support for up to four hydraulic drives
  • Fully automated wrench control (FA models)
  • Automatic power off
  • Available with Open Protocol feature
  • Can be equipped with a recording documentation feature


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Item Power source Force (kW) Oil flow rate, low (l/min) Oil flow rate, middle (l/min) Oil flow rate, middle+ (l/min) Oil flow rate, high (l/min) Weight (kg) Dimensions W x L x H (mm)
Vector FA1 230 V 1,5 9 2,4 1,4 1 36 520 x 320 x 400
Vector FA4 230 V 1,5 9 2,4 1,4 1 36 520 x 320 x 400
Vector FA4 400 V 1,8 9 2,4 1,4 1 36 540 x 320 x 400
Vector MEGA 400 V 1,8 9 4,3 2,8 1,9 36 540 x 320 x 400
Vector Mini 230 V 1,5 5,4 1,5 0,5 22 500 x 320 x 400




HYTORC is the world’s leader in hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrench manufacturing. With over 50 years of experience focused entirely on developing the highest quality industrial bolting systems, HYTORC is the most trusted name in the industry. The latest product line features patented industry-firsts like hands-free operation, onboard documentation systems and industry-leading bolt load accuracy to reduce nut loosening and joint failure. Haitor has been cooperating with HYTORC throughout its whole lifetime. Visit manufacturer's website >>

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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