In addition to torquing, an alternative method – tensioning – can also be used for bolt connections with high tightening values. In tensioning the mechanical effort to create torque is replaced with hydraulic pressure. When the bolt has achieved preload, the nut can be rotated against the surface, which ensures an accurate and even tensile tension on the bolt.

The force applied to the screw connection is axial which means friction, lateral loads, lubrication or other variables causing uncertainty do not impair the tightening result. The tensioners can also be connected into series, whereby common hydraulics achieve the exact same load and ensure a perfectly even result. The constant pressure class of all our tensioners is 1 500 bar, but if necessary, the pressure can be increased to 2 500 bar.

Together with the customer, we always design the solution that best suits the application. Our comprehensive range of tension tools includes both standard and typhoon models as well as hydraulic nuts operating on the standard tensioner principle. We also provide customized tensioner solutions according to the requirements of our customers applications.