Torque Measurement and Calibration Instruments

In Finland, Haitor represents Norbar, the world’s leading manufacturer of torque measuring and calibration equipment. Norbar’s measuring instruments are known for their high dimensional accuracy and excellent reliability. All measuring devices, torque sensors and torque displays are delivered with a factory UKAS-accredited calibration certificate, which guarantees that the user always has the best possible device for measuring torque.

Norbar’s range of measuring devices covers an exceptionally wide torque range, up to 0.04-300,000 Nm, making it completely in its own category compared to its competitors. The range covers static torque sensors, rotary sensors and flange-mounted sensors, all available with either Nm (.LOG) or mv / V (.IND) calibration. The extensive range of measuring instruments is complemented by a thorough selection of calibration benches, screw connection simulators and adaptors required when using the equipment. In addition, Norbar offers calibration beams and weights for calibrating torque sensors to produce sensor reference torque.

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