The LIGHTNING battery-operated pump is the fastest single-engine pump on the market. HYTROC focuses on delivering speed, reliability and versatility through their products. With the increasing complexity on modern project and the demanding conditions of many worksties, you need eqquipment that performs flawlessly. HYTORC’s LIGHTNING series pump, including advanced LIGHTNING – Smart, offer unparalleled speed, precision and reliability. The LIGHNING – Smart also features data caputring capabilities to ensure accurate bolt loads and maintain structural integrity, preventing project delays. Trust HYTROC for high-quality tools that meet the rigorous standards of professionals everywhere.

  • Battery-operated
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Robust and Rain-tight
  • Protective case for storage and transfer (additional opiton for standar series)


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Lighting pumppu mittakuva

Lightning pump
Model Battery Wh Power kW Cauge Data recording Remote control Oil cooler Ports Reservoir capacity Weight kg* Flow (100 bar) Flow (270 bar) Flow (425 bar) Flow (700 bar) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
Standard 1 170 1.5 Analog X X 1 or 4 2.7 32 2.35 l/min 2.1 l/min 1.5 l/min 1.0 l/min 535 273 510
Smart 1 170 1.5 Digital X X X 1 or 4 2.7 35 2.35 l/min 2.1 l/min 1.5 l/min 1.0 l/min 535 273 510

*) Without battery and oil




HYTORC is the world’s leader in hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrench manufacturing. With over 50 years of experience focused entirely on developing the highest quality industrial bolting systems, HYTORC is the most trusted name in the industry. The latest product line features patented industry-firsts like hands-free operation, onboard documentation systems and industry-leading bolt load accuracy to reduce nut loosening and joint failure. Haitor has been cooperating with HYTORC throughout its whole lifetime. Visit manufacturer's website >>

Product Sheet

Product sheet (in finnish) [PDF]

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