Pneumatic Torque Tools

Our versatile range of pneumatic torque wrenches covers tools for various needs in industry, maintenance and assembly work. Easy-to-use, reproducible and – above all – safe torque wrenches meet all the requirements for noise and vibration. Our selection also includes all the needed for bolting, such as reaction arms, washers and other fastening elements.

The accuracy of high-quality torque multipliers is based on a calibrated pressure-torque barometric. Depending on the tool, the desired torque is set either by a built-in or a separate control unit, which is adjusted according to the pressure table supplied with the tool.

Our selection also includes a wide variety of impulse tools and assembly screwdrivers for lower torque values. Our pneumatic torque wrenches repeatedly guarantee the correct torque value with an accuracy of ± 5%, in addition to which our assembly wrench models with a torque measurement sensor enable an accuracy of up to ± 2%.