Battery Torque Tools

A battery-powered torque wrench is an ideal solution whenever electric or pneumatic force cannot or should not be used. Due to its cordlessness, the light and easy-to-transport battery-powered wrenches are also very safe choices for industrial bolting. Our range of cordless battery-powered wrenches designed for professional use offers reliable alternatives for both heavy-duty bolting operations as well as speed-demanding assembly work.

Battery-powered high-torque wrenches are a state-of-the-art tooling solution trusted by industry professionals around the world. Our torque wrenches include several features that make bolting easier and improve traceability, such as user data management and data transfer. Working with tools is also extremely energy efficient and, above all, free of noise and vibration.

Our product portfolio of torque screwdrivers for professional use is designed for the demanding and diverse needs of the assembly industry. Our comprehensive range of pistol and angle screwdrivers guarantees an optimal tool solution for any situation. Our wide selection also includes control units which make the use of tools more efficient.

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Battery Torque Wrenches


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