Our wide range of nutrunners offers the right tool solutions for bolt and screw connections in heavy industry, assembly, maintenance as well as the small electronics industry. Our comprehensive selection of nutrunners covers quality tools from high-torque and impulse wrenches to advanced multi-wrench systems.

Extensively available for a variety of torque ranges, the wrenches designed for assembly and maintenance use are made to last – they can perform up to more than a million rounds without the need for maintenance. In addition to traditional pistol models, our range also includes multiple straight and angle-model wrenches as well as special models suitable for more atypical applications. Of course, our selection also covers all the cables, adapters and other accessories needed when using nutrunners.

Especially suitable for precision applications in the electronics industry, our small screwdrivers are an easy-to-use solution when looking for an alternative for traditional hand-operated torque wrenches. Our wide range includes simple clutch-controlled screwdrivers, modern current-controlled screwdrivers as well as smart screwdriver solutions that utilize automation features and cobot integrations.