Network with PDI-NT

The network with PDI-NT uses CM-1000 boxes for reading and up to 32 CM-1000 boxes can be connected together. However, you do not need to use a computer to monitor the data with the PDI-NT reader because the PDI-NT reader has a built-in display for visualization. The reader can be set to generate a alarm when bolting values reach too high or low levels.

  • The CM-1000 box can connect 8 CMS sensors at once
  • 256 CMS sensors can be read out with connected boxes
  • Optionally delivered in a portable case
  • Cellular (4G) connection is optional


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BoltSafe measuring solutions can be used to measure the final tightening force on the bolted joint. They are widely suitable for a variety of industries and due to their compact design, the sensors usually fit easily into any job site. In the product list, special emphasis has been placed on ease of use and the accuracy of measurement results. Visit manufacturer's website >>

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (In Finnish) [PDF]

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