Torque Gun

The Tekkor torque guns are tools that are easy to use and of high quality. Four different tools cover a range of 0,8 to 12 Nm and they all are equipped with a quick-lock drive. Accuracy +/- 2%. All battery-powered Tekkor tools use the same 18V Li-ion batteries and chargers, making the whole series flexible and easily expandable. In addition, all tools can be programmed with a separate Tekkor control unit, which is a brilliant accessory for fine-tuning tool speed, sounds, light signals and operation the trigger.

  • Reliably and accurately repeatable operation
  • Service-free, brushless electric motor
  • A wide selection of different models for every possible application
  • Easy-to-read LED signals and audio signals for OK / NOK tightening operation
  • Programmable rpm and adjustable trigger
  • Soft-start
  • Battery monitoring feature; the tool shuts itself off when the battery charge drops below the level for sufficient operation
  • Quiet operation <75 db(A)
  • Low vibration level <2,5 m/s2


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Pistol models
Item Drive Torque Range (Nm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Free Speed (rpm)
TKR-P3Q 1/4″ QC 1 – 3 204 1 500 – 1 550
TKR-P6Q 1/4″ QC 1 – 6 204 1 300 – 1 000
TKR-P9Q 1/4″ QC 2 – 9 204 1 300 – 800
TKR-P12Q 1/4″ QC 2 – 12 204 1 250 – 600





Haitor's own brand Tekkor is our contract manufacturer's cost-effective alternative to most common fastening needs in the assembly industry. Our easy-to-use impulse wrenches and cordless screwdrivers are excellent choices when looking for an ergonomic, reliable, and repeatable solution for screw connections. The series consists of both pneumatic and battery-powered tools.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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