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Electric Pumps

Electric pump units are available in 1 500 and 2 500 bar models. They are the perfect power source for use with tensioners. One of the excellent features of the pumps is the possibility of their remote operation with a versatile remote control.

  • 1 500 and 2 500 bar models
  • Dual scale psi/bar 100mm gauge
  • Single scale MPa gauge option
  • Fitted with Quick Connector outlet


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Electric Pumps
Item Model Max. pressure (bar) Oil Capacity (L) Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Weight (kg)
SPD1500 PEMA-1500-01-230 1 500 5 380 x 510 x 560 36
SPD1500PLUS PEMA+230 1 500 3,5 665 x 370 x 340 36
SPD2500 PEMA-2500-01-230 2 500 5 380 x 510 x 560 36
SPD1500.PEL PEMO-1500-01-230 1 500 5 247 x 347 x 546 30
SPD2500.PEL PEMO-2500-01-230 2 500 5 247 x 347 x 546 30



TensionPro logo header TensionPro's tensioners are used in many industrial applications where it is impossible to use traditional hydraulic, pneumatic or electric torque tools. When using tensioners, the bolted connection is subjected to a purely axial force, and friction, lubrication, lateral loads or other variables causing uncertainty cannot thus impair the tightening result. TensionPro tensioners can also be connected into chains of several tools, which means that a common hydraulics can achieve and ensure a perfectly accurate and smooth result. The quality of operations is also indicated by the ISO9001:2015 certificate.

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Product Sheet

Product Sheet [PDF] (in Finnish)

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