BVA Hydraulics

Accessories for Hydraulic Cylinders

Our wide range of hydraulic components and accessories ensures the correct and long-lasting use of hydraulic cylinders and pump units. Our selection includes the most common accessories for use with BVA equipment, in addition to which we are able to customize solutions according to our customers’ wishes. For example, our extensive line-up of accessories includes:

• High-pressure hydraulic hoses – with a variety of available adapters and couplers
• Pressure gauges
• Bases
• Manifolds – rectangles, hexagons and shut-off valves
• Valves – either flow controlled or pump mounted
• Fittings and connectors
• Saddles
• Clevis and tangs

Please refer to enclosed hydraulic cylinder accessories product sheet (in Finnish) for further product information.


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BVA Hydraulics

BVA Hydraulics

BVA Hydraulics is a highly valued manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic units and other cylinder-based tools for industrial use. Focusing on customer service, product innovation and a worldwide stocking program, BVA has become a solutions provider to the global industrial hydraulic cylinder markets. Dependable and reliable performance are all backed up by one of the industry’s best warranties. Visit manufacturer's website >>
BVA Hydraulics

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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