Battery torque wrench

The battery-powered LION Gun is the world’s first affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording. Set your desired torque output on the LION’s display and pull the trigger to get precise, repeatable torque without excessive noise or vibration (rotation angle can also be programmed for simple torque and angle bolting). The recorded, excel-compatible data can be accessed from the internal memory with a USB cord.

  • Long-lasting 18 V/4,1 Ah Li-ion-battery
  • Lightweight, durable and an excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Clear and easy-to-read digital display
  • Modern brushless motor ensures quiet, energy-efficient and vibration-free operation
  • Ability to document tightening values on a computer in an Excel-readable spreadsheet format
  • Delivery includes wrench, two batteries, charger, reaction arm and a robust heavy-duty case
  • Compatible with the HYTORC Washers, J-Washers and NUT



ITEM Torque Range (Nm) Drive H (mm) L (mm) W (mm) Free Speed (rpm) Weight (kg)
LION-.125* 33 – 169 1/2″ 278 284 88 24 – 167 3,10
LION-.25 34 – 340 1/2″ 275 258 88 8,7 – 11,6 3,31
LION-.7 95 – 950 3/4″ 275 274 88 2,9 – 3,9 3,72

*) Dual speed




HYTORC is the world’s leader in hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrench manufacturing. With over 50 years of experience focused entirely on developing the highest quality industrial bolting systems, HYTORC is the most trusted name in the industry. The latest product line features patented industry-firsts like hands-free operation, onboard documentation systems and industry-leading bolt load accuracy to reduce nut loosening and joint failure. Haitor has been cooperating with HYTORC throughout its whole lifetime. Visit manufacturer's website >>

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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