The new era of hydraulic wrenches begins – HYTORC MXT+ is finally here!

For more than 25 years, the HYTORC MXT has been the world’s best-selling, most used and probably the most copied torque wrench. Also known as the mother of all hydraulic torque wrenches, the MXT has finally been updated after HYTORC released its latest innovation – MXT+.

The new MXT+ combines the best parts of the original MXT with HYTORC’s latest advances in bolting technology. Durable body structure, high performance and versatile features make MXT+ the most advanced hydraulic wrench on the market for industrial and maintenance use.

Increased usability with a new dual-reaction feature

HYTORC’s numerous innovations have increased the flexibility and safety of bolting over the years and cemented company’s position as a hydraulic wrench market leader. The new MXT+ is the only torque wrench in the world that offers a unique dual-reaction feature. This allows the user to configure the wrench for rear fiction arms compatible with the original MXT or newer reaction arms compatible with AVANTI and ICE product lines. The new feature significantly increases the tool’s usability and makes it by far the most versatile hydraulic torque wrench on the market.

Thanks to the new dual-reaction feature, the MXT+ is also compatible with most of HYTORC’s reaction arms. This allows the new hydraulic wrench to be put into service smoothly without fear of replacing existing reaction arms. Therefore, reaction arms tailored to meet the requirements of the working site do not need to be re-designed or re-manufactured when replacing the wrench.

Best of all, the new MXT+ is compatible with all of HYTORC’s hands-free operations such as HYTORC Washer, HYTORC J-Washer and HYTORC NUT. As the counter-force is taken from the washer or element itself, it’s always safer to work with these fasteners than using traditional reaction arms. In addition, the use of these fasteners minimizes inaccuracies due to bending forces and side loads.

The versatile range of reaction arms for both rear of tool and coaxial drive makes MXT+ the most versatile hydraulic wrench on the market.

Safer working with advanced bolting solutions

The use of hydraulic torque wrenches includes several variables, which can be taken into account to significantly improve the efficiency of bolting. The new MXT+ includes numerous features which make the tool easier to use and at the same time significantly increase the safety of the entire work.

Locked wrenches are typical problems involved when working with high torques. As with previous ICE models, the new MXT+ is equipped with a built-in release mechanism which allows the user to unlock the tool from application. The advanced release mechanism allows the locked tool to be released using only the hydraulic unit, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the entire time spent on bolting.

As with all torque tools, the longest possible service life of hydraulic wrenches can be ensured by regular maintenance and calibration. The embedded cycle-counter on MXT+ helps to monitor tool use and schedule preventative maintenance and calibration. Regularly serviced tools last longer and always meet the latest quality and safety standards – and more importantly, save a fortune for their users.

An integrated usage counter makes it easy to assess MXT+’s maintenance needs and extends tool age.

MXT+ and other HYTORC torque wrenches easily from Haitor

Sales of the new MXT+ will start immediately – and the first models are already on their way to Finland. Naturally, all reaction arms and other accessories needed with the tool are also arranged through us – not forgetting the maintenance and torque calibration services.

As Finland’s authorized HYTORC representative we offer the widest selection of not only hydraulic, but also pneumatic and battery-operated torque wrenches and accessories. Our versatile collection meets the most demanding bolting needs for any industry. Our close co-operation with HYTORC also enables the cost-effective production of various customized and site-specific bolting solutions.

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