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Single Acting Aluminium Hollow Hole Cylinders


BVA’s single acting aluminium hollow cylinders cover pushing range of 30-60 ton. The aluminium cylinders are as quality as the traditional steel-framed cylinders but due to their manufacturing material they are considerably lighter and thus easier to move. Hard anodized aluminum rod provides extra protection against corrosion and wear.

  • Piston spring return movement
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Handles included in all models
  • Maximum working pressure 700 bar


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Single Acting Aluminium Hollow Hole Cylinders
Item Push Capacity tn (kN) Stroke (mm) Min. Height (mm) Outside Ø (mm) Plunger I.D (mm) Oil Capacity (cc) Cylinder Effective Area (cm2) Weight (kg)
HUC3003T 30 (319) 75 220 140 32,3 361 46,5 10
HUC3006T 30 (319) 152 296 140 32,3 721 46,5 14
HUC6003T 60 (544) 75 260 190 54 606 79,3 19
HUC6006T 60 (544) 152 336 190 54 1 213 79,3 25


BVA Hydraulics

BVA Hydraulics

BVA Hydraulics is a highly valued manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic units and other cylinder-based tools for industrial use. Focusing on customer service, product innovation and a worldwide stocking program, BVA has become a solutions provider to the global industrial hydraulic cylinder markets. Dependable and reliable performance are all backed up by one of the industry’s best warranties. Visit manufacturer's website >>
BVA Hydraulics

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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