Nut Splitters

The Equalizer Nut Splitter series is designed primarily for splitting stuck nuts when opening flange joints. The combination of the sharp cutting tip and opposing convex reaction point encourages more efficient splitting by spreading the nut open rather than squashing the nut onto the stud. Integral hydraulic cylinder and high grade materials make Equalizer’s models the smallest and lightest nut splitters on the market.

  • Available as an external hydraulic version or as an integral hydraulic version
  • Cutting tip made from heat-treated shock-resisting tool steel for better cut and longer life
  • Quick and easy cutting tip replacement
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fully rotational handle – the handle swivels 360-degrees around


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Equalizer Nut Splitters
Item Thread Size (M) Hex Size (mm) Power (kN) Weight (kg)
NS12TE M12, M16, M20 19 – 30 mm 120 3,5
NS15TE M16, M20, M22 24 – 32 mm 150 4,0
NS20TE M24, M27, M30 36 – 46 mm 200 6,9
NS36TE M33, M36, M39, M42 50 – 65 mm 120 5,7
NS50TE M42, M45, M48 65 – 75 mm 150 6,3
NS12TI M12, M16, M20 19 – 30 mm 200 9,4
NS15TI M16, M20, M22 24 – 32 mm 360 10,6
NS20TI M24, M27, M30 36 – 46 mm 500 24,5





Equalizer is a tool manufacturer focusing on the alignment and spreading of flange joints. For almost 20 years, Equalizer's patented, award winning tools have been addressing the challenges of flange alignment, flange spreading and flange pulling. The tools bring significant benefits, in terms of safety, efficiency, ease of use and realizable time and therefore cost savings for those undertaking any form of flange maintenance activity.  Equalizer flange maintenance tools joined the Enerpac portfolio in 2019.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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