Dial Measuring Torque Screwdrivers

The Gedore Torque range of Dial Measuring Torque Screwdrivers are designed for torque evaluation and torque verification, in order to ensure process conformity, product safety and absolute reliability. These low cost and versatile tools provide accuracy, reliability and economy in a wide range of maintenance and repair, quality control, research, development and assembly operations in any engineering or manufacturing environment. These versatile tools with the torque range of 0.1 – 5 Nm are perfect for any manufacturing environment.

  • The dial provides efficient measurements in both directions, delivering flexibility and minimizing tool investment
  • 1/4” quick coupling, a 1/4” square adapter also available
  • Unique memory function
  • Better than +/- 6% accuracy (ISO6789:2017) for all models
  • All models are ESD compliant


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Dial Measuring Torque Srewdrivers
Item Model Torque Range (Nm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
17400 TT 50 FH 0,1 – 0,5 178 0,19
17500 TT 100 FH 0,2 – 1 178 0,19
17600 TT 250 FH 0,5 – 2,5 250 0,47
17700 TT 500 FH 1 – 5 250 0,47





Gedore Torque (formerly known as Torqueleader) has more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing precision machined torque wrenches and screwdrivers. Gedore tools are designed and manufactured using the latest technological knowledge and meet all the requirements for accuracy, repeatability and durability. Especially companies operating world-wide in the electronics industry have found Gedore tools to be appropriate solutions for their purpose. Visit manufacturer's website >>


Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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