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The NorTronic is an electronic torque and angle wrench capable of measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting test results and receiving configuration settings from TDS (Torque Data System) PC software via a USB or wireless interface. Five clear function buttons and visual, audio-visual indications and two full color OLED displays make working with the key effortless in any location or position. The accuracy of the wrench is ±1% between the torque range of 20-100% and ±2% between 10-19%.

  • Compatible with Norbar’s huge range of spanner end fittings
  • Supplied with unique Torque and Angle Calibration Certificate
  • Torque and Angle data can be sent to TDS in real time and tool settings can be configured at PC
  • Two full color OLED displays positioned at 90º to each other so that the display can be seen whether operating in the vertical or horizontal plane
  • Visual (digits change color), audible and vibration indications when target is reached
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Electronic torque wrenches (868 Mhz)
Item Model Torque Range (Nm) Drive Length (mm) Weight (kg)
43500 NorTronic 50 5 – 50 3/8″ 438 1,2
43501 NorTronic 50 5 – 50 1/2″ 472 1,2
43502 NorTronic 200 20 – 200 1/2″ 593 1,5
43503 NorTronic 330 30 – 330 1/2″ 808 1,9



Norbar Torque Tools

Based in 1942, English Norbar is a world leading manufacturer in torque measuring tools, hand torque wrenches and torque multipliers. Norbar has one of the most modern and largest manufacturing and product development units for torque tools and measuring equipment in the world. In addition, Norbar is the only manufacturer in the world to be able to offer a complete range of torque application tools and calibration services until up to 300.000 Nm. Haitor is a long-term partner of Norbar. Visit manufacturer's website >>

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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