Mechanical and Hydraulic Flange Alignment Tools

The Equalizer patented range of alignment tools addresses the rotational or lateral misalignment that can occur within flange joints. Compared with traditional, manual approaches, the Equalizer tools offer a much safer, quicker and effective means of realigning flanges. Three flange alignment tool models can be used to resolve lateral or rotational misalignment during valve change-out, commissioning and other routine maintenance. The tool kits include:

  • FA1TM (small, low pressure flanges): Securing strap
  • FA4TM (large diameter flanges): Torque wrench, carry case, securing strap
  • FA9TE (high-pressure, large diameter flanges): Hydraulic cylinder (6 tn), hand pump with gauge, 2 m hydraulic hose, carry case, securing strap


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Mechanical and Hydraulic Flange Alignment Tools
Item Power Source Alignment Capacity (tn) Weight (kg)
FA1TM Mechanical Outside 1 1,6
FA4TM Mechanical Outside 4 8,6
FA9TE Hydraulic Outside 9 14,5
TFA15TI Hydraulic Inside 15 21,5





Equalizer is a tool manufacturer focusing on the alignment and spreading of flange joints. For almost 20 years, Equalizer's patented, award winning tools have been addressing the challenges of flange alignment, flange spreading and flange pulling. The tools bring significant benefits, in terms of safety, efficiency, ease of use and realizable time and therefore cost savings for those undertaking any form of flange maintenance activity.  Equalizer flange maintenance tools joined the Enerpac portfolio in 2019.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet (in Finnish) [PDF]

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